-Star Art Parlour uses the best quality of cosmetic tattoo paints in the industry, in order to try and make the aftercare for our tattoos as little as possible! The temporary tattoos are waterproof and only come off with baby oil, lotions, scrubbing, and rubbing alcohol. So if you have a shower your tattoo will still be there after if you don't scrub it. Yeah! In order to make your tattoo last up to 10 days (average with no care is 3-7 days) we recommend you care for your tattoo by using baby powder before and after you go into water (such as a bath, shower, pool, etc.). The more baby or talcum powder you use on your tattoo the longer it will last. Baby & talcum powder absorb sweat! Very important! If you place your tattoo in a sweaty spot like breasts, lower back, or neck the tattoo will averagely last less, unless you use double the powder! Hope these tips help but most importantly just be cautious and remember you have a temporary tattoo on!

For Glitter tattoos please just do not pick or scrub them. Glitter tattoos last between 3-5 days. There is no aftercare, just be cautious because remember it's only temporary. 
Air Brush Tattoo 
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