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Rainbow Deluxe Inflatable Castle Bounce House Slide Combo

Imagine being a child arriving at a party and feasting their eyes upon this 16-foot tall bounce house and slide combo. With its tall castle spires, spacious bouncing area, bright, vibrant colors and oh yeah, did we mention there is a slide? That's exactly what you get with this inflatable unit. A unique adaptation of the standard bounce house is our diamond-shaped Rainbow Deluxe Castle Bounce House Slide Combo. This inflatable bounce house and slide combo expands upon the fun of the traditional bouncer by adding a cool slide for even more fun and its diamond-shape gives it the appearance of an actual castle. This is a truly wonderful addition to all children's parties and events This castle unit is the staple of any rental business offering hours of jumping, skipping, and bouncing fun and entertainment. Multiple children can jump around in the Rainbow Deluxe Castle Bounce House Slide Combo at the same time, allowing it to keep a large number of kids entertained at gatherings. The large enclosed bounce area offers plenty of room to move around and have a great time.

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