Archery Game $200
Archery Game
125 Giant inflatable game ring toss
Huge Ring toss game
Giant Basketball game  $125
For the aspiring hoop stars, Magic Jump has created the Basketball inflatable. This product inflates the fun in shooting hoops with an 8-foot tall hoop and net; also included is a giant inflated basketball.
Axe Throwing Inflatable game  $199
Test out your throwing skills with our Safe Foam Ave Throwing Interactive Game! Participants take turns trying get getting closest to the bullseye. This game is great for Carnivals, Western Themed Events, Corporate Parties, Schools, College Days, Team Building Actives, Churches,

Ages = Middle School Kids To Adults
Power Requirement = (1)110 Circuit (7 amps)
Includes = Foam Velcro Axes
Size = 10' L x 7' W x 9 H
Rental Rate = 199
Ski-Ball Inflatable game $175

The popular arcade game is now an inflatable – and a great addition to any party, carnival or other special event. As with the arcade game, the player tries to get the ball into holes of varying point values, with the smallest and hardest to reach given the most points.

Dimensions: 12’8″ Long x 5’6″ Wide x 9’0″ High

Power requirements: We need a standard 110 outlet within 25 feet of the game
Human Wack-a-mole game  $200
$200 for rentel
Dimensions: L: 14'x W:14' x H:6'
Power: One 110 Volt Dedicated Line
Kick it up an notch with our Human Whack a Mole! One person stands in the middle and tries to “whack” 6 “moles” Don’t worry the moles are actually other people who are trying to grab as many balls as possible to take them into their holes and store them in a pouch. The person who retrieve the most balls becomes victorious
$175 Basketball Free-throw game
challenge that everyone will love with the Free Throw Shootout. Whether you are a veteran sharpshooter or a rookie not-so-sharpshooter, this amusement is always a fun activity. Who doesn't enjoy shooting balls through a hoop? This product is attractively designed with colorful and decorative panels. The Free Throw Shootout is eight feet tall with two hoops to challenge competitors. Shooters may stand at the free throw line nine feet from the basket or create a tougher challenge from farther spot
Large Wet booth dunk tank  Game $50
The Soak ‘n’ Wet is the Great for all ages. Once the target is hit the person under the bucket becomes soak ‘n’ wet with water! 5 quarts of water are suddenly dropped onto a person sitting under.

*requirements Needs own hose hookup for water
$100 Air ball Game

Two players race to get their ball into the basket first without dropping it. If a player drops their ball, that player must restart from the beginning. The other player may continue.

Commercial Grade, Fire Resistant, Lead-Free Vinyl

Approximate Dimensions - 12' L x 5' W x 2.5' H, 35lbs
power required 7amps
Giant Dart Board Inflatable Game

Size: 8'W x 8'L x 9'H
Space Required: 9'W x 9'L x 10'H
The Inflatable Dart Game is a fun and competitive game for kids and adults to enjoy. This is the inflatable version of your classic Dart Game. Comes with the Velcro Darts that players will use to throw on the inflatable board. Each section is numbered 1-20 on the board. Throw the Velcro Darts to see what score you can get, first to score 100 or 200 or 300 points wins (you decide length of game).
Giant connect four game $75

Giant Four-in-a-Row is a new take on a classic game.

At nearly four feet tall, the child-high four-in-a-row game requires all the critical thinking and balance of offense and defense of the original.

Giant 4-in-a-Row lawn game
Moveable floor gate to empty the board
Dimensions: 57" x 17" x 45" (145 cm x 43.18
Shooting Gallery game $99
Truly a Carnival Classic!
Compatible with cork guns, Nerf guns or toy crossbows, this shooting gallery will be the hit of your event. Measures roughly 40x30 inches, Stands over 5 feet tall, and comes complete with 12 targets, and a Nerf gun.
Pro quality carnival game, perfect for Vacation Bible School or School parties.
Giant Twister game $150
This engaging game of bizarre twists and tangles is certainly good for a laugh! The inflatable platform gives the classic game a special bounce to entertain you and your friends in a whole new way. Watch as players struggle to hold their contorted positions, and hilarity will surely ensue! Find out who is the most flexible or best balanced with this fun Giant inflatable Twister game
size 15'x15'x3'
Large Soccer game Goal
Calling all of you Pele's and Beckums! Start your own championship tournament and kick for the goal in this inflate-and-play soccer game.
7'W x 18'L x 10'H
7amp power
Giant Jenga Game $25
Corn Hole Game $25
north andover ping pong table
Foosball Table
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