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Inflatable X-Treme Twister $150


Bring a larger-than-life scale experience of this timeless family game to your customers with Inflatable X-Treme Twister, an interactive game. The Inflatable X-Treme Twister features a pair of giant dice that take the place of the traditional spinning wheel to instruct players to put their right hand on red or left foot on green. The large 15' x 15' "game board" allows for plenty of room for (up to) 7 players to mix it up in what is sure to be a great time, filled with non-stop laughs. This inflatable is flat out built to entertain and attract crowds with its familiarity and it makes a tremendous addition to your parties, school events and more. Adults can even get in on the fun too! This engaging game of bizarre twists and tangles is certainly good for a laugh! The inflatable platform gives the classic game a special bounce to entertain you and your friends in a whole new way. Watch as players struggle to hold their contorted positions, and hilarity will surely ensue! Find out who is the most flexible or best-balanced with this fun new twist on the classic game of Twister.

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