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Castle Bounce House $175

Unicorn 13x13 bounce house $175

Halloween 13x13 bounce house $175

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Moon walk bounce house 13x13 $175

pink purple bounce house $175

Birthday Cake Bounce House $175

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Wet/Dry Slide $275

The bounce house features see-through siding to aid with adult supervision. Children love few things as much as they love bouncy castles and this the perfect choice for warm weather entertainment. Children will spend all day acting out any number of playful scenarios, from slaying the dragon to saving the princess. They can even make a daring escape down one of the slides as the castle collapses around them – all pretend, of course
19'x15'x16 7amp blower

Train Bounce House 13x13 $175

What my clients want is precisely what they get. With my Basic Package, I am able to satisfy your musical needs and help bring your event to the next level. Some of my top performances have been a result of this package, which is quite popular among my clients. Get in touch for more information and to book your initial consultation.

Jr Jumper castle $99

10x13 8 foot tall 
Rain and snow will not stop your party celebration if you have this Indoor Bounce House. With a colorful castle design, this smaller bounce house will fit in auditoriums, gyms, daycares, religious facilities, or schools making it perfect though out all the seasons. 
12' 4" x 8' 2" x 8' 7amps power required

Wet/Dry Slide $275

30 foot Wet dray slide 

30x15x15 this is great for all ages teens and adults 

Pink Purple Water Slide


22 feet long 15x15

water slide is great for kids 12 and under 

Dream castle Combo

$150 19x15x15
combo that has a bounce house, basketball hoop inside, and a wet dry slide. Great for kids 12 and under