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Kids Pink Bounce House & Double Lane Slide Combo

What's better than an inflatable bounce house with a slide? How about an inflatable bounce house with TWO slides! The Kids Pink Bounce House & Double Lane Slide Combo delivers all the fun of a traditional bounce house and adds a double lane slide into the mix for double the fun. Have a blast jumping, bouncing and laughing the day away before racing up the rock climb wall and each down their own sliding lane to the bottom. It'll be an experience filled with plenty of excitement, laughter and big smiles.


With bright, vibrant, pink and purple colors, this is a wonderful addition  event. It offers everything that an Inflatable Bounce House Slide Combo should and then more when you add in two slides. This kid's sized inflatable was designed with your little ones in mind, with an emphasis on fun times and as always, safety. Spanning just under 22 feet in total length, it boasts everything you could want for a gathering of small children and is sure to be the centerpiece of any birthday party.

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