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Human Wack-a-mole game

$200 for rentel  
Dimensions: L: 14'x W:14' x H:6' 
Power: One 110 Volt Dedicated Line 
Kick it up an notch with our Human Whack a Mole! One person stands in the middle and tries to “whack” 6 “moles” Don’t worry the moles are actually other people who are trying to grab as many balls as possible to take them into their holes and store them in a pouch. The person who retrieve the most balls becomes victorious

Human Wack-a-mole game

SKU: 21554345656
  • Dimensions: L: 14'x W:14' x H:6' 

  • Refund for rain day only. we will not deiver this if there is rian. 


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